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28 May

Le Corbusier, an Art Deco figure, at the heart of the Pompidou centre – from 29 April to 3 August 2015


The exhibition gathers around 300 artworks from this versatile artist which help us to better know thisvisionary urban architect who had a profound impact on the 20th century.
The Art Deco style began after the second world war. This movement won fame in Germany with Bauhaus from 1919 and it was in France with Le Corbusier that the foundation of a modern architectural movement was laid. Le Corbusier and his pupil Pierre Jeanneret were to forge the way for very significant development which would shake the classical codes of architecture and invest a new reflection on the functions of housing in an urban approach.
It is little known that Cubism was where Le Corbusier started his long career. At the beginning of the exhibition you can see the beautiful canvasses from this painter – poet – sculptor – architect. Le Corbusier, Jeanneret and Ozenfant developed together a branch of cubism which they called “purism”, founded on asearch for balance and geometric consistency.

Lecorbu photo 1Lecorbu photo 2

It was this search for harmonic measurements, simplicity and also standardisation that he extended with Charlotte Perriand, moving away from the ornamentation of Art Deco to create a furniture range that constitutes an indisputable model for interior design today. Chaise longues and armchairs, subsequently developed into sofas, are still today timeless references of the design.

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The exhibition displays several sketches, drawings and models of different architectural projects such as the Savoye de Poissy villa and the Notre-Dame-du-haut chapel in Ronchamp.
The exhibition shows how Le Corbusier endeavoured to redefine the human in his work, where man, his body and his feelings, are essential anchoring points for the work that he left behind. This forms, without us really knowing it, the foundations of our life codes today.

Le Corbusier – Mesures de l’homme
29 avril 2015 – 3 août 2015
De 11h00 à 21h00
Centre Pompidou, Paris