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2 Oct

Foie gras at a great price not far from the Hotel Raspail Montparnasse

Make the most of your stay at the Hotel Raspail and discover delicious foie gras prepared by a specialist artisan not far from the hotel.

France is the undisputed home of foie gras, a true French specialty. The country proudly produces 75% of the world’s supply.
Foie gras is a universal favorite in French cuisine and it makes a great gift for your friends and family. Be sure to not miss the opportunity to buy some during your trip to Paris.

foie gras

Buy foie gras from a specialist only six minutes’ walk from the hotel

Only six minutes’ walk from the hotel is a great address we highly recommend for its great value-for-money foie gras.
There are many other places in Paris, and even more in south-west France, where you can buy very good products. However, at the one we are giving you today, you can buy quality foie gras at a low price.
Head to 21 Rue d’Odessa where you will find the artisan store Micouleau, which offers a wide range of products. We particularly recommend the foie gras or perhaps the duck confit.
Micouleau mainly produces foie gras, confits and cassoulets in keeping with the traditions and methods of south-west French cuisine. This artisan’s foie gras has won the gold medal at the CGA competition in Paris for several years running (awarded by the French Ministry of Food and Agriculture).
We know from personal experience that this foie gras is very good, but we cannot give you our opinion on the restaurant. What we want to do is provide some useful information on what fois gras to buy, and how to store and transport it.

Goose or duck foie gras?

Most foie gras comes from ducks. Duck foie gras has a more pronounced flavor so appeals to consumers with less experience and whose palates are not as educated as those of experts. Conversely, goose foie gras has a more subtle flavor and can seem bland to beginners.
So it comes down to a question of taste and experience. If you have never tried foie gras before, we recommend you start with a duck foie gras.

Fresh, micuit or canned?

Canned foie gras is cooked at a high temperature and can be stored for several years. However, it has a reduced taste quality. This product comes in different levels of luxury and forms ranging from whole foie gras to foie gras mousse.
Micuit foie gras is cooked at a low temperature. This better preserves the product’s flavors and freshness. It can be kept in the fridge for 6-8 weeks. It is sold in vacuum-packed jars or plastic pockets and can survive being transported for 12-20 hours. For air travel, we recommend you put it in your checked luggage because of the low temperature in the hold.
Fresh foie gras is solely used for cooking and can be used by educated amateurs. Pan-fried foie gras, tournedos Rossini, and quail with foie gras – you will never run out of recipes to try. However, it is important to know how to prepare and cook foie gras, even for a simple pan-fried escalope. So this option is not recommended for beginners.

Let the sales assistant know that you want to transport your product and they will provide the right packaging.
Discover, savor and share this delight with your friends!

23 rue d’Odessa
75014 PARIS
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