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Les célèbres macarons de Pierre Hermé
30 Nov

Pierre Hermé’s famous macarons

Only a few minutes’ walk from the hotel, discover a place where you can savor the most famous macarons in Paris

Tucked away in Saint-Germain-des-Prés — only 15 minutes from Hôtel Raspail Montparnasse — the Pierre Hermé bakery in Rue Bonaparte is worth a visit for its magnificent collection of macarons.

The history of macarons

Pierre Hermé Macaron 200

A macaron is a small round cookie approximately 5cm in diameter, with a crunchy shell and moist, chewy interior. It is a specialty of several French towns and regions.

The recipe is based on that of a meringue. Its ingredients are ground almonds, icing sugar, sugar and egg whites.Nobody knows the exact origins of the macaron. Catherine de Medici is said to have brought it to France from Italy around 1533, when she joined the French royal family.

What is the secret of Pierre Hermé?

Pierre Hermé Chef 900

Pierre Hermé is the fourth generation of a family of pastry chefs from Alsace. He started his apprenticeship at the age of 14 with Lenôtre, then joined Fauchon and Ladurée. In 1996 he started his own business.

Hermé is the father of haute-couture macarons. His approach is both stylistic and culinary. The creations he assembles feature a distinctive refined, almost graphic decorative touch. In terms of flavour, he strives to create unexpected combinations by skillfully blending sweet and salty, as he has done with his amazing salted caramel macaron, or by working with flavour trios, which you can find in his famous Ispahan (rose petals, whole raspberries and lychees).He was the first to offer generous fillings while also expanding the range of flavours. He produces his range in the form of a collection, which he refreshes several times a year. Pierre Hermé is also the most high-profile French pastry chef.

The Rue Bonaparte patisserie

 Pierre Hermé Boutique 300

Arrive early in the morning if you want to avoid the permanent queues. But don’t despair, customers are always served quickly.

The store is surprisingly small. On the left as you enter is the selection of macarons as well as pastries and chocolates. Use the time while you wait to make your choice from the range which features over 20 flavours. Prices are quite high here. Pierre Hermé has courageously broken the €2 threshold to sell his macarons at €2.10 each – the highest price in Paris.

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Practical info:
Pierre Hermé, 72 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris
Open every day from 10am to 8pm.
Web site:
Pierre Hermé est présent au Royaume-Uni, au Qatar, en Corée du Sud, en Chine, aux Émirats Arabes Unis, en Azerbaidjan, au japon, en Arabie Saoudite, en Tailhande et en Allemagne. Voir les magasins :
Note: You can buy macarons on the website and have them delivered anywhere in Europe. We have not tested this service. For the best taste experience, we recommend consuming macarons within 48 hours of them being made.