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Raspail Montparnasse - Le retour des grandes eaux musicales au château de Versailles
25 Apr

The musical fountains show of the Palace of Versailles is back!

Are you interested in the reign of King Louis XIV and the splendor of this ancient time? From April 2nd to October 29th, 2019, the great musical fountains show is back at the Palace of Versailles ! Come and stroll around the groves and fountains in the gardens of the palace, in a magical atmosphere typical of the Sun King.

The musical fountains show of the Palace of Versailles

 The Hotel Raspail Montparnasse team took advantage of visiting the château de Versailles to rediscover the musical fountains show. After admiring ​​the Trianon palace, the Coach gallery, the grands apartments, the King’s room, the royal chapel, the hall of mirrors … The musical gardens blew us away.

Here is the story of our unforgettable journey amidst 55 fountains nestled in the 850 hectares of the Versailles gardens … We attended the great musical shows. Then, we admired the fountains, each more remarkable than the other, to the rhythm of the Baroque music classics. We also strolled through the discreet and surprising paths of the Royal Garden, a green jewel exceptionally open for you.

Formerly, the garden was already a place for fun and entertainment. The water did not spring from the fountains until the passage of the highly respected Sun King though. Today, on the contrary, everyone can enjoy it.

The fountains night show of Versailles

 We took advantage of the offer “coupled ticket : the coronation of louis xiv + the great nocturnal waters” to visit the gardens by night. Fortunately, spring was already in the air on that night, and we did not need any woolly to enjoy this fantastic show.

The nocturnal walk, punctuated by the Sun King music, is even more impressive and magical … From the Apollo’s bath to the Colonnade grove, passing by the Enceladus basin, the Mirror Pool and the Latone fountain, we marvel at every work of art highlighted in an extraordinary way!

After walking the paths of these immense gardens during the day, we rediscover them by night with undisguised pleasure. Off an alley, some illuminated vases and animals subjugate us. A few meters away, you find human and gods representations coming alive with the lights shows.

Then, we go to the Neptune Basin, the largest pool of the gardens, where beautiful compositions of water jets, baroque choreographies and cascades of light await us.

To finish the evening, we head to the Great Perspective for the royal fireworks! As a bonus, we find there pyrotechnics true magicians… A magical evening in an idyllic setting! We can only ask you to believe us, and urge you to verify it by yourself.

Practical information


From April 2nd to October 29th 2019

The musical fountains show:

From 11 to 12am, then from 2:30 to 4pm on Tuesdays and Fridays

From 11 to 12am, then from 3:30 to 5pm on weekends and holidays

The fountains night show:

From 8:30 pm to 11:05 pm every Saturday evening until September 21st


The Palace of Versailles


78000 Versailles

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