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15 Jul

The return of the guinguettes in Paris

This year, the guinguettes are back in Paris! If they once had a reputation of being outdated or even tacky, they are today, more than ever, on an upswing. Symbols of the French way of life, they are now very popular, and finding free places is now difficult… The Raspail Montparnasse hotel tells you more about the return of the guinguettes in Paris , for the greatest happiness of the inhabitants, but also of the visitors of the city of lights.

A friendly place with old-fashioned charm

The term “guinguette” talks to us in many ways. We can imagine a country-side and convivial terrace at some river’s edge, few glasses on the tables, with garlands of lanterns hanging from the trees, and of course, music in order to dance.

It is the return to a sweet and ancient way of life, today very popular. We like these establishments that are both simple and authentic. One comes to sip a drink under the sun, and, between two glasses, launch into a waltz musette.

Or into any other kind of dance! Because the dance halls that currently flourish in Paris offer a wide range of musical styles, generally in line with the theme of the establishment’s menu.

We have tested a number of dance halls in the French capital, and we are now taking you on a tour!

Our selection of guinguettes in Paris

Whether stormed or more intimate, traditional or more original, we were particularly seduced by some of the capital’s dance halls called here “Guinguette”.

Here is a quick description for you to get an idea:

The Rosa Bonheur:

Absolutely unavoidable, it attracts crowds in the parc des Buttes Chaumont. A real institution that offers tapas, to the sound of a very varied music. Note that there is also a Rosa Bonheur on the Seine, near the Pont des Invalides, a stone’s throw from the hotel. On the menu: Mediterranean dishes too, and pizzas cooked in the world largest wood-fire pizza oven!

Le Petit Bain (the Little Bath):

Moored near the Austerlitz train station, this boat is not a traditional guinguette, but a floating cultural venue combining theater, resource center, restaurant and bar. We had a real crush for the vegetalized terrace and all the aquatic plants there.

The Javelle:

A stone’s throw from the Parc André Citroën Paris 15th, the Javelle has two different faces. During the day, foodtrucks offer delicious street food from all around the world, and you can have a good time or take a yoga class. In the evening, we can simply dance, under the lanterns, during a pop ball!

The City of Fashion and Design:

On the rooftop of this cultural space, you can enjoy a “3 in 1” place. Indeed, you can come for a drink and dance all night! Whether you choose to go to the trendy Communion bar, or to the Australian Café Oz Rooftop. In summer, the Wanderlust offers, in addition to its restaurant, various artistic animations, and electro evenings.


These addresses are just some examples of many bars in Paris. We know for sure that you will find at least one place to enjoy … But we have plenty of others guinguettes in Paris to tell you about if needed!