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The Raspail Montparnasse, a doggy friendly parisian hotel in Paris!
25 Jul

Matt’s blog: The neighborhood of my hotel Paris Montparnasse!

Ah… Summer! It really is a beautiful season! Good weather returns, we increase walks, and no one even bothers me by wiping my paws on the way back! This is an opportunity for me to discover the neighborhood around our hotel Paris Montparnasse. Well, rather rediscover it because, in fact, I am beginning to know it well. Would you like to join me?

Denfert Rochereau

Once out of the hotel, we walk toward the Boulevard Raspail. It is so big that I have enough space to run on the sidewalks, which is perfect for me to stretch my legs out.

We then keep going down, and after a few minutes’ walk, we arrive at the Place Denfert Rochereau.

Huge square with a lot of traffic, this is not my favorite spot. But I do like to look at Bartholdi ‘s  big lion, sitting in the center. And there is a real treasure under this place: a place full of bones, from floor to ceiling! Maybe you already heard of it, it’s called the Catacombs? But I’m not allowed to go in… Can you believe it?

La rue de la Gaîté

I am now taking you to the rue Froidevaux. We will walk along the Montparnasse cemetery. Again, I’m not welcome there, but if you have only two legs, it seems that this place might be worth a visit.

A little bit further, we find the rue de la Gaité (the cheerfulness street). It is aptly named, there is always animation here: restaurants, and also lots of theaters. Have you already heard about Bobino, Gaîté-Montparnasse, Comédie Italienne?

Montparnasse tower

At the end of the street, let’s turn left towards the famous Tour Montparnasse (Montparnasse tower). What a construction! I have never seen anything so big, it impresses me every time I see it. We must have a good view from above, but I’ll admit I’d rather keep my four legs on the ground…

On the ground below, we can find the Atlantic Garden, framed by tall buildings. I never entered it, but I’ve heard that everything there is reminiscent of the ocean. The vegetation and the furniture are even wavy designed.

La Coupole

Then, we go back to the wide boulevard Montparnasse. It is also very lively, especially since there are many restaurants and famous breweries.

I’ve even been to La Coupole, near the hotel, with my mistress. The decor is really breathtaking, and the food is delicious … I recommend it!

The Luxembourg Garden

I really like to finish my stroll by making a detour through the Luxembourg Gardens. There is even an alley where I am accepted

It feels way better than the asphalt to walk on! My dream would be to go and see the small boats the children sail on the pond, in the center of the garden … But the gardeners are too afraid of me breaking the plants or jumping in the water!


After this nice walk, it is time to go back to the hotel! When I’m away, it’s always a mess.

If you want, next time I can take you to Saint Germain des Prés?

See you soon for our next adventure in my hotel Paris Montparnasse …