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25 Aug

“Les Extatiques”, outdoor exhibition of contemporary art at La Défense

You would like to visit Parisian museums, but don’t want to lock you up during the summer? The hotel Raspail Montparnasse has an excellent compromise for you: the outdoor exhibition “Les Extatiques“, which goes up to the roofs of La Défense. Keep your eyes open, it is amazing…

Stunning artistic open-air walk at La Défense

La Défense is well known for its towers, its passers-by, its Grande Arche and its concrete … This district has indeed a cold and austere reputation.

Still, we strongly recommend you to go there for the incredible exhibition “Les Extatiques”.

This exhibition features works of art playing with the air, and transforms everyday life into play scenes.

Between scale games, misdirected perspectives and optical effects … The Extatiques really is an unexpected artistic journey inviting you to rediscover the district of La Défense through an unusual walk.

Exhibition “Les Extatiques”

The Raspail Montparnasse team loved the quirky spirit of the show. It is an art that can surprise or challenge, but doesn’t leave anyone indifferent.

In short, in Prévert’ s way: some fog, a car on a lamppost, an inflatable flower, a swing stopped up in the air, ghostly trees, an overturned building, sunflowers, octopus tentacles in a building, giant benches …

This labyrinth-like journey will undoubtedly surprise many of you !

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