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musée d’art moderne de Paris
15 Jan

Le Raspail tells you all about the reopening of the MAM, featuring Hans Hartung

At the Raspail Hotel, we love the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. First of all, because it is big, white, and beautiful, with its Greek temple look that reflects on the Seine.

Secondly, because it offers an exceptional view over the Eiffel Tower.

And last but not least, because it harbours true treasures from the historical avant-gardes.  And we love the avant-gardists!

Fauves, cubists, post-cubists, Paris school or orphics, such as Delaunay, Daffy, Soulages, or Matisse… congregating in an intimate, harmonious and eclectic ensemble that we can only salute

But after 14 months of renovation, what is the situation?  Well, a name change, to start with.  Indeed, don’t call it any more the “city museum of modern art”, but the “museum of modern art of Paris”.

Otherwise, the architecture has evolved a bit too. The hall now welcomes you in clear and wide-open arms!  We are getting closer to the original architecture of 1937, typical of the Art Deco period, adding a touch of modernity (the museum is now accessible to disabled people).

In short, a successful reopening, transcended by the exhibition dedicated to Hans Hartung, a major artist of contemporary art.

But who is Hans Hartung?  An experimental painter, an undisputed master of lyrical abstraction, who instills in us powerful desires for freedom!

The exhibition is divided into 4 spaces, representing the 4 phases of the artist’s life:

  • His naive beginnings as a student;
  • His creative restraint during the war and his post-war artistic explosion;
  • The diversification of his artistic methods during his travels in Europe;
  • And finally, his creative retreat to his workshop.

An exhibition to be seen, especially for emotional people driven by a thirst to learn.

Practical Information

Until 1 March 2020

at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris

10 avenue du Président Wilson