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25 Jan

Potion & Co, the first Escape bar in Paris

If you like puzzles and cocktails, don’t pass by Potion and Co, the brand new and first escape bar of Paris!

The team of the Raspail Montparnasse hotel naturally decided to give this new concept a try…

We had a choice between two stories, and we went with the « Black Artwork.”

We were nicely surprised by the warm welcome that immediately put us in the right mood. After dropping off our belongings, we put on a antique cape to go undercover, and we enter a spatio-temporal rift to help Nicolas Flamel find the Philosopher’s Stone.

The first enigma, about the consistency of liquids, is easy and quick (but we won’t give you the answer).

We then set off on a 2-hour adventure, with the cocktail we’ve just concocted in our hand by solving the first mystery.

You have understood the concept, the puzzles revolve around alchemy, and your role is to find the ingredients necessary for your cocktails, and the clues that show you the way to find the lost stone.

The scenery is great, the puzzles are fun, and the actors really play the game. The little extra: the mixology experience is surprising, and the cocktails you make are full of surprises with… impressive effects!

A little bonus mystery awaits you if you manage to help Mr. Flamel, which we really enjoyed… But we won’t tell you more!

Practical info

99, rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris

01 83 64 18 14

Metro line 1 – Louvre Rivoli

Metro line 4 Châtelet Les Halles