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26 May

La Coupole, a mythical Art Deco brasserie, is very close Raspail Montparnasse hotel

If you are interested in the Paris of the Roaring Twenties and inspired by the tradition of Parisian brasseries, you absolutely have to go to La Coupole, located a stone’s throw away from the Raspail Montparnasse hotel.
You will be offered a real journey through time in the biggest, most mythical brasserie in Paris, bestowed with authentic Art Deco décor.
Founded in 1927, this place did not take long to attract the artists and personalities of the day. Picasso, Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre, André Malraux, Jacques Prévert, Marc Chagall, Édith Piaf and many others were to be found here.
The brasserie’s 33 pillars, decorated by the painter Alexandre Auffray, as well as the superb floor mosaic, are listed in the French heritage and historical monuments register and deserve a visit all by themselves.

Only the “Le Bœuf sur le toit” brasserie could compete with La Coupole through the culture of its brasserie tradition and its exceptional Art Deco décor.
But let’s now talk about what will be on your plate. As is often the case in traditional brasseries, the menu offers quite a large selection of seafood: crab, lobster, prawns, Normandy and “Fine de Claire” oysters, and Dublin bay prawns are on offer in the form of platters or plates at prices ranging from €16.90 to €122.00.
You may instead allow yourself to be tempted by the famous lamb curry, served since 1927 on a serving trolley by a Tamil waiter in traditional dress, Madras style, very much La Coupole tradition.
You might wait for a while to be seated but service is generally smoothly handled by professional staff. The brasserie but a true flagship that you will be able to glimpse can welcome up to 450 diners. Therefore it is not an ordinary, small, local brasserie but truly the flagship of Parisian brasseries.

Some examples of prices:
Lamb curry: €29.90
Porterhouse steak: €37.00
Crêpes Suzette: €13.50
Bottle of mineral water: €6.40
Set menus at €31, €38 and €60, allow €50 for à la carte dishes.
Customers agree that this restaurant has a good quality/price ratio but what is in any case indisputable, is this brasserie’s exceptional Art Deco décor.
You may, if you wish, enjoy sitting in the reception area and drinking some wine or coffee, soaking in the unique atmosphere of this incomparable place that will leave you with a unique memory.


la coupole

Jean Paul Sartre et Simone de Beauvoir à la Coupole

La Coupole
102, boulevard du Montparnasse
75014 Paris
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