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The Raspail Montparnasse, a doggy friendly parisian hotel in Paris!
15 Jun

The Raspail Montparnasse, a doggy friendly parisian hotel !

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Hotel Raspail Montparnasse. Well, yes welcome, as long as I let you in, because I prefer to warn you, I’m quite selective!

parisian hotel in montparnasse

The Guardian of the hotel

Hi,  I’m Matt, the cute little schnauzer who runs this parisian hotel. My mistress, Christiane Martinent, as well as the team, try to help me but they are not all very resourceful, and most of the time it is me who does all the work. But they are nice and good company, so I keep them anyway.

I must admit that being the hotel’s keeper is not always easy … You have to protect everyone from the birds, the postman, delivery men, etc… I also have to sniff everyone who comes in, just to make sure they do stay in the hotel.

Ah, and there is also this monster who comes out every day at the same time and tries to swallow everything aka the vacuum cleaner! Fortunately, I’m here to scare him off and send him back to his closet … I honestly don’t know how my mistress managed before I was here.

Let me then in this first article introduce you to my day quarters, the hotel Raspail Montparnasse. A charming and authentic Parisian hotel in which you will feel good. You feel like a tour?

The hotel Raspail Montparnasse Paris 14th

Our beautiful hotel is located in the 14th district of Paris, close to the Montparnasse train station, on 203 boulevard Raspail (metro station Vavin or Raspail on lines 4 and 6).

Most of the time, I am the first to welcome you. Yes, from my seat at the reception, on my chair in front of the entrance, I monitor with a keen eye the comings and goings. Of course, I am not alone, and the reception team will also take care of you upon your arrival.

You can admire the hotel Art Deco style. I love its elegance and warmth, the woodwork, the tawny color leather sofas … even if I I am not allowed to use them! You may enjoy a drink at the bar before checking in one of our 38 comfortable and cozy rooms.

They all have a lot of charm, you will see, the decoration is very neat, with paintings on the wall, beautiful curtains coordinated with the bedspread, varnished wooden furniture … They really are nice. The bathrooms are equipped with all modern comfort.

And finally, one of my favorite places: the breakfast room. Just as elegant as the rest of the hotel, every morning you will find there a continental breakfast buffet, with sweet and salted quality products. I do like to go there, it always smells so good…

If you want, in my next article I will talk more about the neighborhood. In the meantime, I’ll see you soon on your next visit to Paris Montparnasse!